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Are you looking for incredible savings on the purchase of used auto parts? Why not consider purchasing reusable auto parts that you can pick and pull yourself? At Grandpa John’s, you are able to offset the cost of making a repair to your auto by pulling your needed parts in our yard using your tools.

The savings add up to as much as 75% below the cost of new auto parts. We stock hundreds of late model cars and trucks and are adding fresh inventory to our yard daily. Buying used car parts from our pick and pull yard allows you to get your vehicle back up to snuff and save on the cost of doing so.

Adding to all of the really great benefits of purchasing a used part is the opportunity to contribute to our recycling efforts and helping to make Green Bay a cleaner city. Please check out our Grandpa John’s VIP Program for extra savings and promotions. We look forward to helping you with all of your auto parts needs.

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How It Works

We'll inspect your toolbox upon entering and exiting the yard. You'll explore our lot, remove part(s) yourself, pay the cashier, and leave happy!

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